Privacy-Centric Analytics for Web3: A New Age in User Understanding

In the burgeoning realm of Web3, understanding users is critical, but so is protecting their privacy. Enter Buildoor's state-of-the-art analytics tool, designed with both insights and integrity at its core.

Rich Analytics Suite:

1. Holistic Website Insights:

Track website visits, page views, unique views, and bounce rates to understand site performance at a glance.

2. Geo-Data and Traffic Origins:

Dive into region-specific insights and identify referrers to better tailor outreach.

3. Engagement Deep Dive:

From click heatmaps, retention, feature engagement to the critical metric of new vs. returning visitors, gauge how users interact.

4. Wallet Analysis:

Identify wallets that connect but don’t transact, offering potential touchpoints for user engagement.

5. User Journey Mapping:

With user flow analysis, page scroll metrics, and an understanding of other platforms users engage with, craft a seamless experience.

6. Session Replay:

Witness user sessions in real-time to troubleshoot and optimize.

7. Tailored Audience and Reporting:

Create custom audiences for targeted initiatives and generate insightful reports.

8. Interoperability:

Import data from Google Analytics and integrate seamlessly with Google Ads.

9. Engagement Metrics:

Track how often users complete journeys with completion rate analytics and gauge overall interaction with the Product Engagement Score.

Analytics public alpha to be launched in later stages of development.

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