User Profiles

User profiles on Buildoor connect directly with a web3 wallet. It will consist of the user's on-chain journey, where all the info related to previously explored dApps will be shown. Profile verification can be done by connecting Discord and (Twitter) accounts.

POAP NFTs received after completing quests will be featured on the user's profile.

It will also display web3 contribution scores, determined by their on-chain actions, dApp walkthroughs completion and forum participation. Their base level is determined by web3 contribution score.

Higher web3 contribution score will unlock more engage-to-earn rewards in future dApp exploration. Users can even earn XP to increase their level and contribution score.

Users can choose to explore and take walkthroughs of any category of dApps at the start and select their exploration interest.

To unlock other categories, a user must level up and gain XP by completing specific actions like providing dApp feedback, rating dApps, participating in forums, etc.

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