Custom Branding

A Palette of Possibilities:

With Buildoor, aesthetics are paramount. Our tool offers a plethora of colour customization options:

  • Border Color

  • Background Color

  • Shadow Color

  • Text Color

  • Button Color

Font Flexibility:

To further the personalization, users can upload custom fonts, ensuring their tooltips remain in sync with their brand's typography.

Robust Text Editor:

Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, reminiscent of platforms like Google Docs, Canva, and WordPress, offers an array of editing sets. From bold, italic, underline, bullet points to alignments and link incorporations - your content shines just the way you envision.

Responsive Design:

With the auto dark & light mode, tooltips will adapt to user preferences, ensuring optimal visibility and design consistency.

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