DeFi Usecase

A newly launched decentralized finance (DeFi) platform offers a variety of complex financial services like staking, yield farming, and liquidity pools. To help new users understand and navigate these services, the platform runs a campaign of Interactive User Journey Quests.

DeFi Navigation and Engagement Quest

Objective: To familiarize a new user, Alex, with the platform's features and encourage her to participate in DeFi activities.

Quest Start: Alex logs in and is greeted with the first quest, "Your First Stake," which will guide her through staking her first cryptocurrency on the platform.

Progression: The quest provides step-by-step guidance, overlaying information on Alex's screen, showing her where to click and explaining terms like "APY" and "staking rewards."

Interactive Learning: Alex encounters mini-quizzes testing her understanding. She earns points for correct answers, which keep her engaged and reinforce learning.

Tasks and Challenges: Alex is tasked with tasks like "Select a Staking Pool" and "Calculate Potential Returns." Completing each task earns her more points and badges, making the process fun and rewarding.

Final Challenge: The last step is for Alex to perform a live stake with a small amount of cryptocurrency. The quest system monitors her actions to ensure she's following the steps correctly and offers support if she hesitates or deviates.

Reward: Upon successful completion, Alex is rewarded with a small amount of the platform's native token and a "First-time Staker" badge, motivating her to explore further services like yield farming.

Continued Engagement: Now that Alex has completed her first quest, she's invited to start a new quest, "The Yield Farmer's Path," leading her deeper into the platform's offerings.

This use case demonstrates how Interactive User Journey Quests can transform complex and potentially intimidating tasks into manageable and enjoyable learning experiences, resulting in increased confidence and activity on the platform.

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