Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Support Tickets


In the DeFi space, a user wants to long a specific token. Unsure of the process, they raise a support ticket. The journey requires multiple steps: acquiring a token on another blockchain, bridging it, and managing gas fees with a separate token. This maze of actions confuses even the experienced, amplifying the challenges for newcomers.

Solution with Buildoor’s DApp Engagement Layer:

1. Query Clarification: When a user raises a ticket, the support team first clarifies their end goal. In this case, it's "longing a token."

2. Dynamic Guidance:

Using Buildoor, the support person designs a custom, dynamic tooltip journey for the user.

a. Token Acquisition: The journey starts by guiding the user on how to acquire the needed token on a different blockchain. Visual tooltips, coupled with succinct descriptions, ensure clarity.

b. Gas Fee Management: Before progressing, tooltips alert the user about the need for another token to manage gas fees, directing them to the appropriate exchange or swap.

c. Bridging Tokens: The user is then steered through the bridging process with detailed, step-by-step tooltips. Visual cues indicate progress and potential wait times, keeping users informed

d. Final Purchase: Once the bridged token is in place, the user is seamlessly guided to purchase the desired token, completing their journey.

3. Empowerment Over Dependency:

Instead of being dependent on back-and-forth email chains or chat responses, users are empowered to complete complex processes independently, saving time for both the user and the support team.

4. Reusability:

The created tooltip journey can be saved as a template, allowing support staff to instantly deploy it for future users with similar queries. This speeds up the resolution process immensely.


What was once a confusing, multi-step process is now a smooth, guided journey. Users feel confident and empowered, leading to reduced support ticket volume, quicker issue resolution, and a significantly enhanced user experience.

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