Decentralized Identity Platforms


Users can create decentralized IDs (DIDs) that offer better control over personal data. However, the concept is new, and users are unsure about its benefits and setup.

Solution with Buildoor’s DApp Engagement Layer:

1. ID Insights:

As users initiate their DID creation, tooltips explain the significance of decentralized identities, advantages over traditional IDs, and data security features.

2. Setup Support:

Tooltips guide users step-by-step in creating their DID, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience.

3. Trust-themed Tooltips:

Designed to evoke feelings of security, autonomy, and trust, the tooltips reassure users about the platform's user-first approach.


More users embrace the concept of decentralized identities, heralding a new era of data ownership and online security.

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