DeFi Platforms


A new DeFi platform aims to help users optimize their yield farming strategies. However, users struggle with the multi-step processes, like choosing the right pools, staking tokens, or understanding impermanent loss.

Solution with Buildoor’s DApp Engagement Layer

1. Clear Pathways:

Tooltips guide users in selecting optimal pools based on their preferences and risk appetite.

2. Dynamic Response:

If on-chain data indicates a user's transaction might be susceptible to high slippage or impermanent loss, a tooltip pops up explaining the potential risk and offering safer alternatives.

3. Customization:

Given the unique terminologies in DeFi, the tooltips' design and language are customized to resonate with the financial tones of the platform, ensuring clarity and consistency.


Users feel empowered and educated, leading to increased trust and frequent interactions on the DeFi platform.

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