BUILDOOR Extension: Crowdsourcing Web3 dApp Expertise


In the rapidly expanding world of decentralized applications (dApps), even experienced users can find themselves lost in the labyrinth of new interfaces and functionalities. The Buildoor Extension aims to alleviate this issue, transforming solitary dApp exploration into a communal, streamlined experience.

Community-Driven Knowledge:

User-Created Layovers: Any member of the Buildoor community can create intuitive layovers for dApps they're familiar with, leveraging their expertise to guide others.

Verification Process: To ensure accuracy and quality, these layovers undergo a community-driven verification process. Once multiple users validate a layover's effectiveness, it's incorporated into the live extension database.

Dynamic dApp Detection:

Automatic Recognition: Whenever a user visits a dApp supported by the Buildoor Extension, the tool instantly detects available layovers, offering an opportunity for guided navigation.

Seamless Integration: If a dApp has already been enhanced using Buildoor's no-code tool, their custom user journeys are readily available in the extension, offering an enriched user experience.

Collaborative Improvement:

Feedback Loop: Users can provide feedback on layovers, suggesting refinements or pointing out areas that might have changed due to dApp updates.

Community Recognition: Creators of highly-rated or frequently-used layovers could be acknowledged or rewarded, fostering a sense of community and encouraging more users to contribute.

Unlocking dApp Potential:

Increased Accessibility: By reducing the barriers to dApp usage, more users can harness the potential of the decentralized web, expanding the reach of Web3.

User Empowerment: The extension empowers both novices seeking guidance and experts wanting to share their knowledge, fostering a symbiotic relationship between users at all skill levels.

Enhancing Web3 Adoption:

As the decentralized ecosystem grows, tools like the Buildoor Extension play a critical role in ensuring that users aren't left behind. By harnessing the collective knowledge of the community, the extension not only simplifies dApp navigation but also cements the ethos of decentralization - a space where everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

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